Reasons Why Pitbull Shed and How to Handle Pitbull Shedding


Pitbull is not a single dog breed but a general word for different breed of dogs. These dogs include,The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog.
In this article, when you hear the word Pitbull, know that we are generally talking about these four breed of dogs because they are all similar to one another and also do have similar coat types too.
One of the reasons why people ask if pitbulls shed is because usually, pitbulls have short coat that sheds but not as a long haired dog.
Their main shedding period is always during the winter when heavy coats grow on them and during the spring when they shed it all out.
Basically all dog breeds that exist sheds apart from hairless breeds. Also, not all dog breeds shed same amount as others. Their level of shedding, varies.
When it comes to shedding, they do not shed more compared to huskies and samoyeds. They are not heavy shedders because of the type of coat they have.
All Pitbulls have a single layer of fur on their coats which makes them single coated, they do not have the undercoat and this makes them shed less. While a double coat has to do with having two layers, the top and the under coat. Pitbulls have a smooth coat and short hair.
If you have ever thought of having a pitbull, know that all pitbulls shed but as much as this can be enough reason why you shouldn’t bother owning one, the fact that they are loving, good, strong and affectionate dogs should encourage you to have one in your custody.
Let’s look at some reasons why pitbulls shed.

1. Change in Diet
A sudden change in your pitbull diet can result to its shedding. It is advised you make it a gradual process while changing it’s diet, that way you will be able to realize if the change in diet is the cause of its shedding.
Feeding your dog meals low in quality, can also make it shed a greater amount of hair than necessary.

When your pitbull is allergic to a particular meal, one way it displays this is through excessive shedding.
Inability to consume fresh clean water also result to excessive shedding on pitbulls. Avoid having your pitbulls dehydrated. Give them enough water on daily basis.
2. Stress and Anxiety
A sudden change in your pitbull’s routine can affect it greatly.
If you are engaged in activities that affects the quantity of time you spend with your dog, it can cause a separation anxiety in your dog.
A change in your dog’s companion that is, who they spend time with can also result to excessive shedding of hair.
A change of environment can also stress and upset your dog hence causing it to shed more hair than necessary.
3. Bathing
A change in your dog’s toiletries like it’s shampoo can result to shedding.
It can also cause it’s skin to become dry which may result to discomfort and constant itching.
Avoid using laundry detergent or air fresheners on them.
Ensure to use quality products for the upkeep and grooming of your Pitbulls.
4.Skin Diseases
When Pitbulls come in contact with allergies, it can result to certain skin conditions like itching that can cause massive hair loss.
These skin conditions can affect it’s feet, belly, ears and skin in general.
Pitbulls are dogs with very sensitive skins and when their skins becomes irritated, they end up shedding quite a great amount of hair.

1. Brushing

One of the ways to handle Pitbull shedding is by brushing it’s hair on daily basis this way, you will be able to monitor it’s hair loss level and also get the dead hairs before it falls out and litter the floor, furniture and other surfaces.
2. Regular bathing
When you bath your pitbull regularly, it will help control the amount of shedding they do on daily basis.
Ensure you bath your pitbull at least once every month or even twice.
You can also use an anti-shed shampoo as it will help reduce hair loss on your Pitbulls.
3. Healthy food.
Another way to handle Pitbull shedding is to feed your dog with high quality food that contains Vitamin-E and Omega-3 as it helps keep them happy and healthy.

Conclusion: If you intend to have a pitbull as a companion, then be rest assured that all pitbulls shed but despite this, they are loving creatures worth keeping and it is easy to maintain their short coats. When you notice any unusual health conditions in your pitbull, do not hesitate to take it to a veterinarian for proper check-up and treatment.


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