Reasons Why Pitbull Rules

Reasons Why Pitbull Rules: This is not a list for “bad ass” individuals who desire a pit bull. People who choose a dog because of its undesirable reputation or those who see nothing wrong with keeping a dog chained outside in the yard without providing it with affectionate human contact. And it’s definitely not for the kinds of people who would needlessly mutilate a dog by clipping its ears or pinning its tail just for the sake of fashion. It should go without saying that those who use their pit bull in unlawful activities like dog fighting are not included on this list. Basically, you shouldn’t own a dog at all, much less a pit bull, if you fit into any of these categories.

This list is for folks who want to adopt a pet that they will love and consider a member of the family. People who are prepared to spend the time learning about their pet and giving it the right training, care, and socialization on top of giving it love and affection. individuals who can dedicate space in their homes and hearts to a furry friend.

Reasons Why Pitbull Rules

Because a well-cared-for pit bull is arguably the best dog in the world, they can be the ideal pet for this second group of people. And that isn’t simply exaggeration. The United Kennel Club has honored 99 “Super Dogs” throughout its history. These canines compete in one of five all-breed events that measure skills like strength, agility, and obedience. Nearly half of those 99 dogs were pit bull breeds, which is a far higher percentage than any other category in the competition.

Reasons Why Pitbull Rules

Here are 10 reasons why you should think about choosing a pit bull if you’re wanting to add a dog to your family and you’re the kind of person who is prepared to invest in your dog as they grow from puppies to old age.

1. Pit bulls are generally in good Health

It is accurate to say that dogs of any breed, especially mixed-breed dogs, may inherit genetic problems. I have saved thousands of Pit Bulls, and the genetic conditions like demodectic mange, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation that I have personally observed in Pit Bulls most frequently are typically not fatal. Note that not all or even most Pit Bulls exhibit these genetic disorders.

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2. Pit bulls don’t need a lot of grooming

Although they don’t necessarily need to be bathed frequently, their short coat requires very little maintenance and can be washed in a short amount of time. They do not require canine haircuts or brushing, though most dogs love it, and their fur is not odiferous by nature.

3. Pit bulls have a strong desire to win people over

A Pit Bull will nearly always comply with the requests of his favorite individuals only for the reward of their praise. These dogs are very sociable with people and lust after our attention and approval. Due to the fact that a bad person might utilize a Pit Bull’s need to please others to teach the dog for nefarious or criminal purposes, this commitment to people has significantly contributed to the negative reputation of Pit Bulls.

4. Pit bulls are very athletic

Whether you want to train for a marathon or just want to take a daily walk around the block, a Pit Bull will unquestionably inspire you to move more. Additionally, Pit Bulls often do well in dog sports like agility. Contrary to some breeds, Pit Bulls do not have an obsession with exercise.

5. Pit bulls are extremely devoted

You have a friend for life, through thick and thin, when you adopt a Pit Bull. Pit bulls simply love people too much to be good guard dogs, but if someone threatens “their” humans, they may step in to protect them.

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6. Pit bulls get along well with kids

Pit bulls are a devoted, sociable breed that enjoys being a member of the family. Both adults and children find them to be affectionate. All kids should learn how to get along with animals, and they should always be under adult supervision when playing with any animal.

7. Pit bulls are funny

All dogs are unique personalities, just like people, but Pit Bulls are frequently brimming with character and enjoy making us laugh by acting silly. Even as they become older, they are entertaining and playful.

8. Pit bulls have an undying love for people

Additionally, Pit Bulls do not discriminate against people in any way. A Pit Bull usually loves people and is happiest when they are with us, even if they do not get along with other dogs. They frequently kiss us and giggle to remind us of this.

9. Pit bulls enjoy cuddling

Even the fittest Pit Bulls have a sluggish side and a need for cuddles and attention. If you adopt a pit bull, you’ll always have a warm buddy to sit on your lap in your favorite chair or in bed with. Did I mention that a lot of Pit Bulls are unaware that they are too large to serve as lap dogs? Pit bulls can make great therapy dogs because of this and their high trainability.

10. Smile of the Pit Bull

Good for your mental health are pit bulls. One glance at your Pit Bull’s wide grin and lolling tongue will undoubtedly brighten your day, and their enthusiasm for life is contagious. A Pit Bull smile is the epitome of pleasure!


Pit bulls frequently receive negative press from the public. They appear to have developed a negative reputation over time as a result of myths, rumors, inaccurate media portrayals, and irresponsible dog owners.
Pit bulls enjoy playing frisbee, swimming, running, and romping in the great outdoors. Locating areas where your dog can run free without a leash can be very challenging, if not impossible! Things could quickly get out of hand if your dog engages in combat with another dog.

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