The Saudi Aviation Authority issues travel instructions before resuming domestic flights

Travel instructions by GACA Saudi Arabia :coronavirus

The Saudi Aviation Authority GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation) has issued a travelers’ guide as Saudi domestic flights are set to resume on Sunday May, 31, 2020 , state news agency SPA reported.

The guide includes the precautionary measures at airports and the safety rules passengers will have to follow.

Travelers are also required to disclose their medical information, especially if they are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, when booking flights and electronic payments are the preferred mode.

Ticket outlets at airports will remain closed to limit contact between people, Aviation authority said.

Passengers also will have to arrive at airports 2 hours before departure, go through a thermal check, sterilize their hands before entrance and must wear masks and gloves at all times.

The rules also state that the person would not be allowed to travel if they do not wear a mask.

Passengers are allowed to carry only one piece of carry-on luggage per person and everyone must maintain a safe distance at all times, guided by special stickers on the floor of airport lounges.
Accompanying travelers to airports is limited to those helping senior citizens, minors and people with disabilities, GACA added.

GACA has provided all of the Kingdom’s 28 airports with sterilizers, installed glass shields at check-in points and required all staff and air crew to go through medical exams.

Airline staff, like passengers, will be required to disinfect their hands, and wear gloves and masks. Meanwhile, airports will be cleaned every 3 hours and planes will be disinfected after each flight.
Also the passenger bridges, passenger transport buses and medical cranes will be cleaned with disinfectant before and after the use for each trip.

Aboard flights, there will be an empty seat between passengers, who are also discouraged from using cash payments for services and goods purchased during the flight; and encourages the use of electronic payment methods thus reducing the use of banknotes.

GACA’s guide also calls for the gradual disembarkation of passengers from the plane, the use of only 50% of the operating capacity of the passenger / bus bridge, with the person needing to wear masks while disembarking.

Disinfection devices will be provided at the first entry point to the hall and all passengers would need to be disinfected through the available devices.

Source:Arab News

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