Sony’s creates massive new MicroLED display stands 17 feet tall & 16K resolution screen in Japan

TV’s are constantly getting bigger & more better, and it’s very hard to know when to actually invest. You don’t want to spend thousands on a top-of-the-range set only to see it trodden into the ground in a matter of months.

But something tells us Sony’s latest project will reign supreme for some time yet. The tech giant just unveiled a 63 feet wide & 16K display in Japan, dubbed the “Crystal LED”.

Measuring in at 63ft by 17ft – longer than a London bus, the model is crafted from modular panels fitted seamlessly together, providing 16 times as many pixels as a 4K UHD TV. It’s currently installed at a research centre in Shiseido, Yokohama, if you want to take a look. Sony had to produce its own image as so little 16k content exists.

Sony announced this development during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show, held in Las Vegas. Consultancy strategist David Mercer said: “We’re moving slowly towards 8K TVs at the end of the decade and who knows how long it will take to get beyond that, so 16K is likely to be limited to the corporate world for the time being.

“But there’s no doubt about it. These displays are incredibly impressive in person – even 8K on a big display is almost mesmerizing.

“When you get to this resolution it delivers almost a quasi-virtual reality experience as your eyes perceive there to be depth to the content.”

Of course, production costs are so high that buying a model is out of the question for almost anyone. If you really want to near-future-proof your home entertainment set-up, we suggest reading our guide to the best 8K TV’s on the market.

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