Saudi Arabia’s cabinet approved the “Privileged Iqama” residency scheme

The Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers approved the Special Privilege Iqama scheme that provides qualified foreigners a number of residency benefits.

which allows expatriates to live & work in the Kingdom without the need of a local sponsor (Kafeel) for the first time.

Plans for the scheme were discussed & approved by the shoura council.

The new Privileged Iqama system offers benefits to highly skilled expatriates & owners of capital funds.

It is different from the current iqama system, because residents would not require a Saudi sponsor (Kafeel) or employer.

There will be two types of Iqamas one for an unlimited period & the other for one-year validity that’s subject to renewal. The requirements for this new type of residency permit include a valid passport, enough financial resources, sound health report & certificate of no criminal record.

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