Saudi Arabia plans to vaccinate all educational staff before the new academic year

saudi ministry of education

Saudi Arabia: Education Minister Hamad Al-Sheikh announced on Tuesday that it is preparing a time-bound plan to administer covid-19 vaccination to all educational employees before the start of the new academic year. Minister of Education has given the necessary directives in this regard and this is aimed to bring back normalcy and regularity of the educational process.

In a statement on its Twitter account, the Ministry of Education said: “In light of the directives of the higher authorities and out of the ministry’s keenness on the safety of the employees of the ministry, departments of education, universities and technical training, the Minister of Education has directed to prepare a time-bound plan for administering the coronavirus vaccine for all the educational employees, and to complete this before the start of the academic year so as to return to normal life and to the regularity of the educational process.”
Source: SG

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