Saudi Arabia grants free 1-month extension of Iqama of expats abroad

Jawazat (the Directorate General of Passports) has automatically extended the validity of Iqama (residency permit) of expatriates who are outside the Kingdom. The extension is for one month and without any fee, in line with the directives of the highest authorities.

In a statement on its website on Monday, the Jawazat said beneficiaries of the move are expats outside the Kingdom having exit and reentry visa and who have commercial trades as their professions. The extension is for one month from the date of expiry of iqama during the period between August 1 and 31.

The new arrangement has been made in coordination with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and the National Information Center, the Jawazat added in the statement.

The Absher app of the Ministry of Interior had also announced that the extension of the period of the exit and reentry visa service will be available for domestic workers and family members of expatriates. The conditions for provision of this service included that the person shall be outside the Kingdom and there is validity for the Iqama (residency permit) covering the extension period.

Source: SG

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