SAMA has decided to close down all banks in the country.

The SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency) has announced the closure of all banks in the Kingdom

The SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency) has announced the closure of all banks in the Kingdom for a period of 16 days starting from Monday.

However the closure will not affect onlne banking and ATM machines. All the Banks will continue to load ATM machines with cash and also some branches will continue to operate but clients are encouraged to use digital banking.

You can use your online banking through you smart phone or computer.
There will be no bank charges to transfer money from one account to another during these 16 days period.

As part of the Kingdom’s efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus, Saudi Arabia also suspended the attendance of employees at their workplaces in all government agencies except for those in the health, security and military sectors, for 16 days, Saudi press agency (SPA) reported on Monday citing an interior ministry official source.

The government also announced “reducing the presence of crowds in government departments by promoting electronic transactions and activating electronic service delivery platforms in the service sectors of all government and private agencies, and limiting commercial dealings with companies and their representatives to electronic and telephone communication as much as possible,” the official source said.

As for the private sector, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development encouraged companies, private institutions, and charitable societies to reduce the numbers of employees & workers attending workplaces & promote working remotely, taking into6 consideration the continuity of the basic and sensitive work of the security and health sectors.

For more detail you can read the Circular issued by SAMA to close down banks.

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