Raids by inspection teams, seized over two million masks and gloves; hoarders warned

More than two million masks and gloves, which were being hoarded for sale at a higher price later, have been seized during the raids by inspection teams from the Ministry of Commerce, the SPA reported.

The inspection team raided a commercial establishment that was stocking the goods illegally.

The goods were stocked in an unlicensed place without the knowledge of the SFDA. The authorities have confiscated the seized items and punitive measures have been taken against the firm with the case being referred to the concerned authorities.

Furthermore the ministry has warned all importers against hoarding essential goods, warning that stringent punitive measures will be taken against violators.

The ministry has also called on all consumers to report about the violation by establishments and sales outlets through the app “commercial notification” or through the notification center by dialing the number 1900 or contacting the ministry’s official website.

Yesterday Al-Qasabi warned: “The ministry’s market supervision and inspection teams in all of the Kingdom’s regions are working round the clock monitoring the prices. The ministry will not be lenient with any violators. We will strike with an iron hand and impose severe penalties against anyone who exploits the circumstances by manipulating and tampering with the prices.”

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