Public Security launches an electronic permit system during the lockdown

A new electronic system has been launched, to facilitate the movement of people having emergency needs across the Kingdom’s regions during the curfew.

The Inter-region Movement Permits System, set up by the Public Security can be accessed round the clock on the website

The application for special permits will be processed online and responded to quickly.

The application comprises of five steps, which are as follows

I* You need to fill online form mentioning your name, ID number and mobile number

II* You need to fill the verification code sent to your mobile phones.

III* You need to mention the emergency or extraordinary circumstance in the allocated space and attach the documents of proof in the specified space.

IV* You will get a message confirming the submission.

V* After the competent authorities have studied the application, You will either receive a message granting the permission or denying it. In case of an approval, the time for movement and travel route will be mentioned, while in case of rejection, you will receive a message mentioning the reasons for declining your application.

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