Man arrested in Jeddah after stabbing his wife

Man held in Al-Rawabi-Jeddah after stabbing wife over a dispute
Man held in Al-Rawabi-Jeddah after stabbing wife

A man was arrested on Sunday (July 19) for mercilessly stabbing his wife multiple times next to a store in Al-Rawabi neighborhood in Jeddah.

After being alerted, the security patrols immediately reached the crime scene and found the victim bleeding profusely.

The security patrols chased the man and arrested him within a short time. The culprit was handed over to the police for a referral to the Public Prosecution, while the injured woman, who was in a serious condition, was taken to hospital. She later succumbed to her injuries.

An eyewitness narrated the crime, saying that the woman was walking past a store while a man carrying a knife pursued her and stabbed her several times and then fled the scene in a car.

The man reportedly has confessed that he stabbed his wife due to previous family disputes.

Source: SG

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