King Salman orders to shorten taraweeh prayers to ten raka’ts at Two Holy Mosques

Saudi Arabia: Custodian of the 2 Holy Mosques King Salman has ordered to shorten taraweeh prayers (special night prayers) at the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah during the holy month of Ramadan.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, head of the Presidency for the Affairs of the 2 Holy Mosques, said that the taraweeh prayers will be shortened to ten (10) raka’ts from twenty (20) raka’ts, and that will be strictly in compliance with the precautionary measures and preventive protocols, prepared by the presidency and other relevant agencies involved in serving the pilgrims and ensuring their safety from Covi-19.

Sheikh Al-Sudais highlighted the Saudi leadership’s keenness to continue facilitating the performance of rituals at the 2 Holy Mosques by mobilizing all means to enable the pilgrims to perform their rituals in a safe and healthy environment that meets all global health standards used in the fields of infection control.

“Custodian of the 2 Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman are continuously following up on everything that would provide the best services for the pilgrims and worshipers during the unprecedented season. The presidency has equipped its full human and mechanical capabilities to serve pilgrims and worshipers during Ramadan in cooperation with all parties involved in serving the guests of God,” he said.

The Saudi authorities allowed performance of Umrah and prayer at the 2 Holy Mosques during the holy month, which is expected to start on Tuesday, but suspended the ritual of i’tikaf (spiritual seclusion) and iftar meal at the holy mosques.

During the holy month, the capacity of the Grand Mosque will be raised in order to accommodate 50,000 vaccinated Umrah pilgrims and 100,000 worshipers.

Children will not be allowed to accompany the pilgrims and worshipers at the Two Holy Mosques. The Isha prayer permit will include performance of taraweeh (special prayers during Ramadan) prayers as well.

The Ministry has set 7 time periods for the performance of Umrah, and it will update the capacity around the clock according to the available and canceled reservations.

The ministry emphasized that unauthorized vehicles are not allowed to enter the Central Haram Area in Makkah. Vehicles will have to enter Makkah through various checkpoints only in the appropriate time as mentioned in the permit.

The ministry also highlighted the importance of pre-purchase of transport tickets electronically through the Eatmarna application in order to avoid the delay in transport centers.

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