Coronavirus:Saudi Arabia announces new private sector rules ‘work from home’

new rules for private sector saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia issued on Monday a “remote-work” guideline for citizens and residents in the private sector in an effort to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Companies must provide their employees with the tools to be able to work remotely, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development said in the list of guidelines.

Cmpanies that require staff to be physically present to ensure they continue to operate, including those in vital or sensitive sectors such as electricity, water and communications, must reduce the number of workers in their offices to the bare minimum. This can be no more than 40 percent of the total number of staff.

Inside offices, a safe amount of space between employees must be maintained at all times. In addition, all health clubs and nurseries provided by employers must close.

Businesses that are excluded from the new measures include pharmacies and supermarkets, and their suppliers. Private-sector organizations that provide services to government agencies must contact them before suspending workplace attendance. Any other business that considers it impossible to operate with only 40 percent of staff in the workplace must submit an exemption request to the authority that supervises it.

Employers must specify a set number of working hours and ensure that there are enough employees to maintain productivity levels, the guidelines included.

Companies should have a mechanism to manage tasks and productivity, according to the ministry.

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