Cold or warm water better for weight loss?

Cold or warm water better for weight loss?

Cold or Warm water better for weight loss

70 percent of the human body is made of water, water is essential for human life without water life is not possible. You should drink about 2 liters of water daily, to keep body fit, there is zero calorie in the water and it greatly helps in reducing more calories in the body.
It is very common around the world that warm water is very useful for weight loss and it is suggested to people who want to lose their weight, but is it really true that warm water is better than cold?

Negative Effects Caused by Cold Water:

Cold water solidifies the fat in the blood and makes it difficult to absorb food ingredients, plus cool water reduces the speed of digestion process due to which our body need extra work to normalize the water temperature during digestion.

Benefits of Warm water:

Warm water is very useful for the digestion system. Drinking warm water before eating meals speed up the
digestive systems, which digest the food very fast.
Drinking one cup of warm water before breakfast helps in eliminating poisonous substances from the body.
There is lot of benefits of warm water as compared to cold water, but for weight loss water temperature does not make significant difference. For those who want to lose their weight, should drink more water. Because there is no evidence that warm or hot water accelerates the weight loss process.

There are many factor involved in weight losing, so you can not only add warm or hot water to reduce weight. you need to do regular exercise with eating healthy diet in daily life. Apart from this you should avoid fried foods available outside, and include more fruits and vegetable in your diet.


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