20% Saudization in engineering fields: MOL

20% Saudization in engineering fields: KSA

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Saudi Arabia has decided to Saudize 20% of the engineering jobs effective from the beginning of the year 2021. This will cover 117 engineering professions, creating more than 7,000 jobs, with a monthly salary of not less than seven thousand riyals.

The decision of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, applies to all private sector establishments with 5 or more employees in engineering professions. The decision will not be applicable on private establishments employing 4 or less foreign engineers.
The ministry has given the private establishments eighteen weeks’ time from now to correct their Saudization status in accordance with the directive.

The ministry announced a package of incentives and support to private sector establishments for employing Saudi engineers. These include supporting the recruitment process and searching for suitable employees; supporting the required training and qualification processes and supporting employment & job stability procedures for Saudi engineers.

The ministry stated that the decision was taken in view of the labor market situations pertaining to engineering professions and activities. This is also in view of the number of jobseekers currently graduating from engineering majors as well as those currently pursuing studies in various disciplines related to engineering professions who will join the labor market over the coming years, while recognizing the private sector’s ability to absorb national human cadres in professional specialties.

The ministry warned that it will stop government services for any establishment that was found committing violation with regard to employing a foreign worker in any one of the targeted engineering professions with a professional title different from that recorded in the work permit. Punitive measures will be initiated against the establishment for the violation of employing a foreign worker in a profession other than that listed in the work permit.

The ministry directive comes within a set of decisions taken to localize professions that the ministry worked on in partnership with relevant government and supervisory agencies. This is to enable Saudi graduates to take up decent jobs in an appropriate work environment so as to contribute to the development of the private sector, participate in its decision-making process and enhance contribution to the economic development of the country.

Other professions that have been localized include dentistry and pharmacy.


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