120 new professions added to professional verification drive: MHRSD

Saudi Arabia: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has added 120 professions that fall under 6 new specializations within the framework of the “professional verification” initiative. This aims to ascertain that those who work in these professions possess the necessary skills, and thus will be added to the specializations previously announced by the initiative.

As per the initiative, foreign employees must obtain professional licenses from vocational examination centers within the Kingdom.

Acting Head of the Labor Representation Office in Riyadh and Labor Attaché Karim Abu Al-Saud said that the 6 new specializations that have been added to the professional verification are the following: air conditioning, welding, building carpentry, car mechanics, car electricity, and painting, bringing the total number of professions launched so far to 225 specialized craft professions falling under eight specializations.

The program targets a total of 1,099 specialized craft professions in 23 specialty fields as per the Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations. The labor attaché said that the professional verification tests of the new specializations would be mandatory and effective from the current month of September, while the registration for verification of all other professions shall be completed by the beginning of 2022.

The MHRSD is working to improve the quality of the workforce in the Saudi labor market, in addition to raising the level of services provided, as well as enhancing productivity, limiting the flow of unqualified labor in the Kingdom, and contributing to developing the skills of the workforce, according to international standards to meet the needs of the market. It is noteworthy that the professional verification program seeks to ensure that the worker possesses the necessary skills by conducting practical and theoretical tests in his field of specialization.

The program has two tracks. The first aims to examine professional workers in their countries before their arrival and that is in cooperation with international examination centers, while the second track is the examination of professional workers currently in the Kingdom in cooperation with local examination centers.

The program is scheduled to start with giant facilities having 3,000 or more workers, followed by large facilities (500 to 2,999 workers), medium facilities (50 to 499 workers), small establishments — category (A) that employ from 6 to 49 workers, and finally small establishments — category (B), which employ from 1 to 5 workers.

The establishments can benefit from the program and enter the electronic platform https://svp.qiwa.sa and complete the process of booking the test for the workforce so that the worker will be able to take the test at the specified center.

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