60 kg of High Quality Oud Being Used to Perfume, Fumigate Kaaba and Grand Mosque Ten Times a Day

King Salman orders to shorten taraweeh prayers to ten raka’ts at Two Holy Mosques

Maximum duration of taraweeh prayers in local mosques capped at 30 minutes: Saudi Arabia

Citizens & residents can apply for Umrah, visit and prayer permits on Tawakkalna application; MoHU

MoH postpones 2nd dose of Covid-19 Vaccine until further notice

Saudi Arabian Airlines discusses preparations for resumption of international flights next month

Hefty fine for bid to perform Umrah or Prayer at Grand Mosque without permit: MOI

Only Saudis can work in shopping malls; creation of 51,000 new jobs ; Al-Rajhi

saudi ministry of education

Saudi Arabia plans to vaccinate all educational staff before the new academic year

Saudi Arabia; 150,000 people would be allowed for Umrah or Prayer at Grand Mosque Makkah During Ramadan

Permits for Umrah and visit to Holy Mosques Makkah and Madinah to be given to those who received Covid-19 jab

Saudi Arabia: Up to Two-year jail, SR1 million in fine or both for sale or brokering human organs

Armed man arrested in Grand Mosque, shouting terrorist slogans

Full immunization before end of 2021 ; Saudi Arabia

Vaccination not required to get permission for Umrah in Ramadan

MOI launches 5 new online services to Absher platform

Vaccination mandatory for Restaurant, salon and barbershop workers ; Saudi Arabia