Saudi Arabia warns citizens and residents against ​​​​​​​traveling to some countries without permission

Saudi Arabia to lift travel ban from March 31

Saudi Arabia resumes international flights, reopens land and sea borders: New Covid variant

Saudi Arabia halts land, air, sea borders over new fast-spreading strain of Covid-19

Corona-virus reported cases 19-8-2020

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia registers 1,363 new cases, 36 more die: Jazan 109 new cases

Saudi Arabia health Ministry to start clinical trials of Coronavirus vaccine

coronavirus Saudi Arabia

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia registers 3,183 new cases, 3,043 new recoveries

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia registers 4,128 new cases, 56 die: Riyadh 360 new cases

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia announces 3,927 new cases, the virus infects 21 members of a family