Best Pit-bull Dog Coats and Sweaters

Best Pit-bull Dog Coats and Sweaters: Pit bulls aren’t made for cold weather, so they need dog coats and dog jackets to stay warm. There are three main reasons why pit bulls need winter clothes:

  • Their fur coats are short.
  • They don’t have a base coat
  • They don’t have much or any body fat.

People who live in places where it gets cold should think twice before getting a Pit bull. Now that the seasons are changing, you should think about getting your Pit bull a sweater for the fall and a jacket for the winter.
Because Pitbulls have stocky, muscular bodies, it can be hard to find cold clothes for them.A Pit bull has a bigger chest than the average dog of that size and weight. Since they are also a very busy breed, they need a sweater and jacket that can stand up to the elements.

Best Pit-bull Dog Coats and Sweaters

Why Does Pitbull Need a Sweater or Coat?

Specifically, Pit bulls are the dogs that need a coat and sweater the most. These dogs were not made to live in cold places, so they are more likely to get frostbite and die from being too cold.
Even though we think jackets and dog sweaters are cute and trendy, some types need them, like Pit bulls, Chihuahuas, and Toy Poodles.

A Coat shouldn’t just be worn because it’s cold. If your Pit bull has a jacket, it will keep them dry when it rains, so you won’t have to clean up after them when they come inside.
Now that you know how important it is for your Pit bull to have a coat and sweater, the next step is to take their measures.

How to Measure Your Pit Bull for a Coat and Sweater

Since different brands have different size charts, measuring your dog is the best way to get the right size. This will make sure you don’t order a coat or sweater for your dog that is the wrong size.

The chest area is the most important part of your Pit bull to measure. Since their chests are bigger than most other breeds, you need to measure this area properly. The biggest part of your Pit bull’s chest should be at the base of their shoulder blades, right behind their front legs. Use a measure tape and wrap it around your dog’s chest in a way that feels good.

The second most important number is the size of the neck. Pit bulls are known for having big necks, which makes it hard to find a collar that fits your dog just right. Start at the base of their neck and wrap the measure tape around their neck in front of their front legs.

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Last, you’ll need to measure the length of their back from the base of their neck to the base of their tail. Once that is done, write down all the numbers so you can use them in the future. Since your dog’s weight can change depending on the season, If you’re buying out of season, make sure to add an extra half inch to the neck and chest measurements.

Best Dog Coats for Pitbulls

1. Fleece Coats

Fleece coats are soft and light, which makes them a great choice for pitbulls who don’t like wearing heavy clothes. They are also easy to clean and can be washed and dried in a machine.

2. Puffer Coats

The padding inside puffer coats makes them a great choice for very cold weather. They are also strong and can handle rough play and activities outside.

3. Coats that don’t leak

Waterproof clothes are made to keep your pitbull dry when it’s wet outside. They are usually made of nylon or polyester, and they can be lined with wool or other materials that keep you warm.

4. Coats that are shiny

Pitbulls who are often walked at night or when there isn’t much light should wear coats that reflect light. They are made with reflective materials that help drivers and other walkers see your pit bull better.

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Best Dog Sweaters for Pitbulls

Chilly Boyfriend Dog Sweater

As a brand of dog jackets, Chilly Dog has a lot going for it. The wool fabric is great for keeping your pit bull warm while still letting it breathe. It is also stretchy enough to give your pit bull a lot of freedom of movement when you are getting ready or when you take your pit bull outside. Your dog doesn’t have to worry about getting too hot. The darker gray color also means you won’t have to worry when your puppy stays close to the ground.

But what really makes Chilly Dog stand out is their drive to making fabrics that are all natural and made in a sustainable way. The wool is 100% natural and won’t bother dogs with sensitive skin because it’s not an allergy. There are no man-made colors in natural color paints. Lastly, the sweaters from Chilly Dog are made by hand, so your pit bull will have a unique pattern to keep them warm.

Eddie Bauer Cable dog sweater with two colors

Eddie Bauer is another name that you can trust. We like how it looks and how easy it is to put it on and take it off your dog when you need to. Even better, the sweater has a hole in the back so that a leash can be attached to a collar or harness without having to go strangely around the shirt.

This sweater is made of nylon, which is strong enough to handle whatever your pit bull gets into. It can also be washed in a machine, which makes it easy to clean when needed. With this cable-knit pattern, you can choose from two color combinations that both look great on your dog. If you can, try this sweater on your dog before buying it, because the sizes can sometimes be a bit big.

Chilly Dog Buffalo Plaid Dog and Cat Sweater

Another choice from Chilly Dog, and it has many of the same good points as the other one. You get the same natural wool and dye options in a package that is safe to throw away when it’s worn out. But the design is likely to last, especially since the material doesn’t get dirty easily. This makes it a great choice for a pit bull that likes to play.

Like the other choice, this one doesn’t have a problem with getting too hot. This one is different from our other suggestions in two important ways. The first is that it has a plaid pattern. These bright colors go well with the outdoors and the cooler months. This sweater also has a small pocket on the back. This pocket is great for bringing dog bags, storing treats, or just making your dog look cute.

Frisco Dog Sweater in the Argyle Pattern

When we talk about recommending two different brands, we have another argyle-style shirt from Frisco. The pattern is charming and will make your pit bull look sharp when he wears it. Once again, Frisco’s accurate size chart saves the day. You don’t have to worry about the body area being too big or dragging on the ground.

If it does get dirty, though, you don’t have to worry because you can just throw it in the wash and move on. The knit rayon is also just the right amount of stretchy to let them move around and get ready to go outside. The main design is available in two different colors, and a leash hole in the back makes it easy to get to the collar.


Buying a coat for your pitbull is a must if you want it to be safe and cozy during the winter. By knowing the different kinds of dog coats and what to think about when picking one, you can find one that fits your pitbull’s needs and personality. Your pitbull will enjoy the extra warmth and protection whether you choose a fleece coat, a puffer coat, or a waterproof coat.

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