4 Best Pitbull Rescues (2023)

4 Best Pitbull Rescues (2023)

4 Best Pitbull Rescues (2023)

If you love Pitbulls, you’re undoubtedly looking for Wisconsin Pitbull rescues that are reputable. The best Pitbull rescues where you can find a healthy and content companion are highlighted in this post.

There are several benefits to adopting a dog as a pet rather than buying one. First off, since rescue organizations are non-profits, adopting a dog is the most economical course of action.

Rescue groups are also dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the dogs they save; as a result, all dogs under their care get health examinations, vaccinations, desexing, microchipping, deworming, and grooming.

Most breeders don’t provide all of these services, and even those who do demand a high price. The last and most significant point is that adopting a dog saves a life. A loving home and family are given to the dog when you adopt it. Choose one of the below rescues and bring your Pitbull home right away without thinking twice.

4 Best Pitbull Rescues

Below are four best Pitbull Rescues in Wisconsin:

1. Mecca Pit bull Rescue

The care of the Pitbulls that Mecca’s Pit Bull Rescue situated in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, saves is provided via a network of foster families. This Wisconsin pet rescue organization was founded in 2010 and has saved numerous pets from dire circumstances. The mission of Mecca’s Pit Bull Rescue is to give every dog a second opportunity.

Mecca Curtice, a licensed professional dog trainer and the creator of Mecca’s Pit Bull Rescue, is responsible for their emphasis on rehabilitation. She belongs to both the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

She has been studying and working with dogs for years in order to get certified in dog bite prevention education. She directs the rescue, and they take several measures to make sure their rescued animals are placed in the best possible homes.

Details of Mecca’s Pit Bull Rescue:

2. American Pit Bull Advocates

Despite having advocacy as its main goal, the Pit Bull Advocates of America cannot overlook the issue of companion dog overpopulation or the fact that many Pit Bulls require safe and loving homes.

They are able to do their best to place adoptable Pit Bull-type dogs that they rescue from Milwaukee shelters because to their lovely property, the Rescue Retreat, and a small but mighty group of dedicated carers. To place pets in the best homes possible, their rescue program was established.

Read the instructions below before adopting a dog from Pit Bull Advocates of America to learn what to expect:

  • Study the adoption requirements.
  • Fill out and submit your online adoption application if you meet the requirements.
  • The rescue will let you know within a week of submitting your adoption application whether you have been given permission to meet the dog you’ve applied to adopt.
  • The rescue advises bringing your current animals along to meet the dog.
  • They want you to replay the event in your mind as you drive home and consider the ideal fit. Everyone involved needs to give this some serious thought. You will need some time to consider the match with the rescue group.
  • A home visit will be scheduled by the volunteers to assess your suitability.
  • After everyone is in agreement that the dog is a good fit for the family and gets along with the other animals, the adoption is formally finalized.

During this meeting, the adoption contract and the $200 adoption fee will be signed and delivered.

American Pit Bull Advocates Information:

  • Location: 6669 South 76th Street, Greendale, Wisconsin, USA
  • Code postal 53129
  • Contact info can be found at Pitbull Advocates.
  • Social media: Facebook page for Pit Bull Advocates of America

3. Team Apple Valley Pit

The main objective of the non-profit, all-volunteer Apple Valley Pit Crew in Appleton, Wisconsin, is to permanently place all Pit Bull terrier mix dogs.

One of the few puppy rescues in the country with engaged volunteers making sure the Pitbulls are content and well-cared for. After the Pitbull is given away, they make sure that it gets along with the adopters and is content with its new home.

The Apple Valley Pit Crew provides some advice for prospective adopting parents, including:

  • The age requirement is 21.
  • Either you need to buy a home or locate a rental that lets you keep a Pitbull.
  • It’s important to have a loving family atmosphere.
  • Any training methods that call for the use of force must be avoided.
  • Having a dog “inside the house” is necessary.
  • Accept the family’s invitation for a house visit.

The following are the adoption costs:

  • The price of a young puppy is $250.
  • 1 to 5 year olds pay the same ($200) as adults.
  • Senior (6 years and older) (50-100 dollars) (dependent on age, health, etc.)

You only need a cozy home to become an Apple Valley Pit Team foster care provider. Fostering enables you to contribute to the recovery of additional animals, including Pit Bulls.

On the rescue are the last-minute essentials, which include:

  • Food
  • Kennel
  • Soft toys and blankets
  • Animal Veterinary Care
  • Training

Information about Apple Valley Pit Crew:

  • Place of business: 1335 S Memorial Dr, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
  • The 54915 postal code
  • Phone number: (920) 606-8459
  • Facebook page for Apple Valley Pit Team

4. 4 Pits Sake Rescue

The last Pitbull rescue in Wisconsin on our list is 4 Pits Sake Rescue. It is a Twin Cities-based rescue group for dogs of the Bully breed. Although it’s not in Wisconsin, it’s close by, and they offer to transport their dogs there.

In order to find volunteers and generate money to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs, this rescue works with nearby shelters, the rescue community, and humane organizations. The organization’s goal is to dispel longstanding misconceptions and prejudice by educating the public about bully breeds.

The founder of 4 Pits Sake Rescue is a part of MnPAW, the Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare, an organization that encourages cooperation between animal rescue groups. The 4 Pits Sake Rescue team assists dogs that have been abandoned for any reason.

Dogs in public shelters are given extra consideration because they are much more likely to be put to death there. When a dog is saved, its caretakers place it in a foster home until it can be adopted.

The rescue spends a lot of time and effort on the adoption process, making sure that the proper individuals are matched with the right pups and that people are aware of the requirements and expenditures associated with caring for a dog of the bully breed.

All of the animals in their care are spayed or neutered, and any necessary medical attention is given. All members of the 4 Pits Sake Rescue team are unpaid volunteers. They’ve pledged to minimize overhead expenses to a bare minimum so that almost all donations will go toward caring for the animals.

They continue to provide guidance and training recommendations for at least a month, if not longer, as part of their ongoing commitment to the dog’s welfare beyond the adoption process. An application must be completed for every dog adoption, which is then followed by a home visit and an introduction to the dog.

The health and conduct requirements for foster animals must be met by all creatures who are permanent residents. You will be expected to pay for professional dog training if you adopt a dog from a rescue because you will be taking in a member of the bully breed.

Outside of a 2.5-hour trip from the city center, they won’t adopt dogs. The price of adopting a pet is based on the animal’s age. As of August 1, 2021, puppies will cost $500 (plus tax); dogs aged 1 to 7 will cost $400 (plus tax); and dogs aged 8 and higher will cost $300 (plus tax) (plus tax).

Details about 4 Pits Sake Rescue:

  • In St. Paul, Minnesota, at 515 Burlington Road (7 hours from Wisconsin)
  • The 55119 postal code
  • Beth@4pitssakerescue.com is my email address.
  • Facebook page for 4 Pits Sake Rescue

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